There are many Volunteer Opportunities in Utah!

Anyone that’s ever lived in or has known someone from Utah knows that Utahns have the BIGGEST hearts. It shows in their volunteerism; Utah holds the #1 spot of all the 50 states. The Corporation verifies this for National and Community Service (CNCS), a federal agency that oversees AmeriCorps and their senior division, AmeriCorps Seniors. Utah has held that spot for 13 years. Talk about something to be proud of!

Of those volunteers, 36% raise funds for non-profits, 34.2% donate food and meal preparation, and 49.2% either tutor young people or serve as mentors.

Do you feel the call to mentor, support, and help educate youth in your community?

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Utah can help you to ignite the best possible future for kids in your area.

Let’s face it. Parents are working harder than ever right now. They’re trying to balance working from home and helping their kids figure out how to get their schoolwork done online. Not to mention, our healthcare and first responders can’t always be home to help their kids with their homework or learn how to play catch.

When you become a Big Brother or Big Sister, you ignite the potential of the kids you mentor. You help them navigate their ever-changing daily life, providing them with a sense of safety and encouragement. Plus, you can do this with them by having all sorts of fun yourself! Ice cream and the park, anyone?

Don’t worry if you’re not a computer genius, athlete, or dinosaur expert–all you need is a loving heart. Join BBBSU in their volunteer opportunities in Utah today! 

BBBSU Offers Volunteer Opportunities in Utah

Eighty-nine children are waiting right now for their “defender of potential.” Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah will be the most gratifying volunteer opportunity you’ve ever experienced. 

Please visit or call 801.313.0303 for more information.