Our Impact

Revenue & Expenses

In Utah, the value of volunteer time averages $26.20 per hour. In 2020, 1,001 Utah volunteers cumulatively devoted more than 72,000 hours to their BBBSU Little Brothers and Little Sisters. The in-kind dollar value of the time Utah mentors donated to our organization in 2020 is more than $21.8 million.


  • Of the 300,000 kids living in Utah, nearly one-third are living in poverty and one-fifth are living in intergenerational poverty
  • There are 44,000 Utah kids who have experienced separation from a parent due to incarceration
  • Suicide is the #1 cause of death among Utah youth ages 11-17
  • More than one-third of all people who came to Utah as refugees are kids (24,000)
  • 19% of Utah kids are living in single-parent homes and the poverty rate for single-moms with kids is 34%

We believe that potential lives within every kid. For more than 40 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah has been defending that potential to help kids, “Littles,” who face many challenges in their lives. With the help of our volunteer mentors, “Bigs,” we prioritize youth protection and youth development to help kids thrive. Our work is based on the best available research, guided by community need and administered by caring professionals. Together, we are building the biggest possible futures for Utah kids.

Our average match length is 26 months for Community-Based matches and 17 months for Site-Based matches.

Reducing risky behaviors now can improve long-term outcomes for kids and 100% of BBBSU Littles said they are less likely to engage in risky behaviors after being with their mentor for a year or more.

Social acceptance is associated with both better friendships and better behavior in school;
93% of BBBSU Littles reported increased social acceptance after being with their mentor for a year or more.

Only 1 in 3 people will grow up with a mentor in their life; having a trusted adult in addition to a parent leads to better grades and improved graduation rates. 94% of BBBSU Littles report having a trusted adult role model.