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Mentor in the Community

Community-Based Mentoring

Our community-based mentoring program matches volunteers (adults at least 18 years old) with resilient kids who are facing some challenging circumstances and want to have a mentor. The mentoring “Match” (meaning the volunteer mentor, or “Big” and the child/youth or “Little”) meet two to four times a month. The match spends quality time with one another doing activities that are parent/guardian-approved and that work towards the youth development goals set with the Little. The minimum volunteer commitment is one year. Activities of the match can be a wide variety of things, but we encourage low-or-no cost, one-to-one activities that support positive outcomes for the Little. As with all programs Bigs, Littles and parents/guardians receive on-going support from our staff to help along the way.

Mentor a High School Student


Mentor2.0 is a technology-enhanced mentoring program for high-school students focused on supporting their preparation for college and career. Mentors work with their Mentees on goal setting, resilience, and preparing for life after high-school graduation. In mentor2.0 mentoring matches communicate electronically weekly and meet in-person monthly in the evening hours at the high-school. As in all our mentoring programs we ask for a minimum program commitment of 12 months from both Mentor and Mentee. Mentors must have a college degree, or equivalent professional or military experience. (Opportunities for mentor2.0 are currently located in Salt Lake County and Weber County).

Mentor at an Elementary School

Site-Based Mentoring

In our facilitated site-based mentoring program, mentoring matches meet weekly for 60 to 90 minutes per session at a site, most often at an elementary school in after-school hours (typically 3:30-4:30PM) on a designated weekday. BBBSU staff are present to facilitate the programming and support the matches. In this program, Littles are ages 6 to 11 and applicant Bigs can be Adults or High School students (Freshmen to Juniors). Although the mentoring matches meet only during the academic year, we ask for a minimum 12-month program commitment from the Big and the Little. As in all programs, mentoring is focused on youth development goals for the Little to optimize positive outcomes from the program.