Youth programs seek to enhance the lives of the youth by meeting their developmental, social, and physical needs. They also help them acquire the competencies they need to succeed as adults. Youth programs in Utah such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah play a part in young people’s lives through mentorship relationships. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah uses an approach that aligns with the changes that transformed the layout and functioning of youth
Youth programs in Utah have come a long way over the years, but how did the concept of volunteerism evolve over the years? The 1700s Early stories of volunteerism in America coincided with the development of urban centers in the colonies. Benjamin Franklin founded the first volunteer firehouse in Philadelphia in 1736. Anchored was volunteerism in community improvement and faith-based charity activities at this time. The first significant volunteer recruitment attempt was during the Revolutionary
Despite the changes that came along with the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, volunteer opportunities in Utah are still widely available. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, for example, has always provided volunteer positions in the community.  During the pandemic, BBBSU seamlessly adapted changes such as social distancing, increased hand-washing, and face masks to keep volunteer operations running as safely as possible.   COVID-19 also forced many organizations to offer virtual volunteer opportunities in Utah and across
For more than 40 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah have helped children in the community combat early life challenges. It has quickly become one of the communities’ favorite volunteer opportunities in Utah! Spending your time and energy being a volunteer may help you feel useful in the community. You’ll have the opportunity to provide meaningful support to kids in difficult situations. Here are 3 reasons BBBSU can benefit you, and others:  Reason 1:
People, by and large, seek to, quite simply, do good—be kind to others, contribute to the community, make an impact. Despite this, however, many individuals find themselves struggling to take action. Taking The First Step Whether searching for volunteer opportunities in Utah or abroad, some may question the quality or value of their would-be efforts. Others hold back for fear they wouldn’t be able to have as much of an impact as they’d like to,