Little Raydin and Big Christian were matched for a little over a year. Although the match officially closed when Big Christian moved away from Utah, the time he spent with his Little Raydin had a big impact on them both. Their match was based on both adventure and growth. They pushed themselves to try exciting new activities and face their fears.   Their outdoor activities included kayaking, rock climbing, skateboarding, and even surfing (that must have
The role of a mentor can be many things. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, mentors spend quality time with their Littles, providing guidance, support, and friendship. The experience is rewarding and challenging as mentors help their Littles navigate through their youth. A mentor offers advice and support and is a consistent and caring adult in the life of their Little. Having a dependable adult makes all the difference in the lives of the
Mentorship has far-reaching effects, from impacting the lives of the mentor and mentee to improving the local community and even benefiting the country as a whole. Mentorship includes many things, but at the core, it helps young people to build confidence through receiving compassion, support, and encouragement from their mentor as they navigate into adulthood.    At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we are continuously grateful for the mentors (Bigs) in our program and
What is National Mentoring Month? National Mentoring Month is an annual campaign observed in January that’s committed to acknowledging mentoring and its impact on people’s lives. The campaign focuses on how we can empower people to unleash their full potential, from developing employees and inspiring college students to support young people. This campaign aims to recruit mentors and raise mentoring awareness while engaging organizations to grow mentoring programs. Established in 2002, National Mentoring Month is
Several factors make Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah stand out among other nonprofits that offer volunteer opportunities in Utah. First, their focus on one-to-one mentoring relationships allows them to provide more individualized attention and support than many other organizations. Second, BBBSU’s long-term commitment to their kids — they work with youth from elementary school through high school graduation — ensures that they can provide continuity and support during critical development. Third, BBBSU’s rigorous screening