On November 11th, 2023 we celebrated our ‘Big Night Out’ Gala at the Salt Lake Convention Center. Our theme of “Unmasking Potential” made it a very special night to be able to help raise money, create connections, and enjoy a night out with others in our community. The event was a great way for everyone in the community to come together for a cause to support the youth who are a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah programs. 

Gala Program 

We were able to enjoy a wonderful night that started off with a silent auction and cocktails. There were 100 auction items available at the event, thanks to our in-kind donors. We then were able to enjoy a welcome message and a wonderful dinner provided by our 21 restaurants who helped us that night: 

  1. Chef Shon Foster – Sego, Wood ash rye, Il Posto Rosso, the Overlook Restaurant
  2. Blondies Bakery 
  3. Caputo’s 
  4. Del mar 
  5. Fav Bistro 
  6. Hearth + Hill
  7. Monarca
  8. Proper Burger/Avenues Proper
  9. Santo’s Tacos 
  10. Squatters
  11. Sweet Hazel 
  12. Tea Rose Express 
  13. Vertical Dinner 
  14. Wasatch Brewing 
  15. Urban Hill 
  16. Tupelo Park City 
  17. Centerplate
  18. Chef Peter Hodgson 
  19. Ruth’s Chris Park City 
  20. Chef Adam Cold 
  21. Chef Romina Rasmussen

We then had the live auction where the rest of the items we had were auctioned off. It was a great night and we were able to raise money through donations and auction items. These donations will be a big help to our program to help “Unmask Potential” to the youth in our community. 

Gala Donations

The ‘Big Night Out’ gala is one of our biggest fundraising nights of the year. These donations are what help us keep our one-to-one mentorship programs running throughout the year, and can help us create new one-to-one mentorship connections for the kids in the community. These volunteer opportunities in Utah are what help youth in our community have the chance to have a mentor and a friend to help them “Unmask their Potential”. Our goal this year was to achieve $150,000 in donations. With the help of sponsors, donors, and partners, we were able to achieve $143,402.00! Thank you to everyone who donated and was a part of this special event, and thank you to those who donated items for the silent auction! 


In partnership with TASTE UTAH, it would not be possible without the support of our Sponsors who helped us this year. We had the support of 14 sponsors at our event. We wanted to give a BIG thanks to: 

  1. Progressive Leasing 
  2. Complete Recovery 
  3. American Express 
  4. George S. Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation 
  5. America First Credit Union 
  6. Wollam Construction 
  7. DFS Construction 
  8. WCF Insurance 
  9. Comcast NBCUniversal 
  10. Fort Point Capital Partners 
  11. Major Street Pet Services 
  12. Swire Coca-Cola, USA
  13. Snap Finance 
  14. Armstrong Teasdale

Without their help we would not have been able to have such a wonderful event which will be able to provide support to our mentorship programs. These programs are a wonderful way to help the youth in our communities, giving them new opportunities and experience to learn and “Unmask Potential”.

Want to be a Part of Something Great? 

As you support youth through volunteer opportunities in Utah, you will quickly come to see that volunteering impacts both the volunteers and youth involved. The mentorship and guidance provided by volunteers serve as awesome sources of inspiration, and instill a sense of purpose and ambition in the younger generation. Volunteers often become positive role models, influencing the youth and helping them envision a big future. Community engagement through support at events and volunteering creates a sense of belonging and social connection. Volunteering to help the youth not only addresses their immediate needs but also helps their foundation, and helps strengthen communities, where the efforts of everyone contribute to the well-being and success of the younger generation.  

With event participation like the big night out gala, it provides opportunities for community engagement with others and with the youth. These events are ways to help inspire the youth and help them both socially and mentally to be able to engage and interact with their community. These opportunities to help and to become a mentor are great ways to change the lives of the youth who are a part of the community. In a study conducted by youth.gov, The research showed that Being a mentor can help youth when they go through challenging life changes, like dealing with stressful changes at home or learning how to be an adult. Creating relationships that are close, supportive, and healthy between mentors and youth that last for a time (i.e., more than one year) are a big part of the success of the youth and the mentors. Getting involved in a program like Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great way to start helping the youth in the community!