At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we hold ourselves accountable for each Little in our mentoring programs achieving the following: 

-Higher aspirations

-Avoidance of risky behaviors

-Educational success

We believe that shaping today’s youth through mentorship can help them prepare for a brighter, and safer future. For that reason, one of the key outcomes for Littles in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah mentoring program is encouraging educational achievement. With the help of amazing mentors in our programs, we are able to do this. As volunteer opportunities in Utah arise with BBBSU, you can help children and youth in your community thrive academically and socially. To begin the application process of becoming a Big, visit

Why Does Educational Achievement Matter? 

Educational achievement serves as a way to shape the trajectories of children and young individuals as they transition into teenage years and adulthood. Beyond grades, diplomas, or certificates, academic success helps youth develop skills, knowledge, and positive attitudes that are helpful for their future endeavors.

Additionally, educational achievement can help youth build confidence in themselves. With a mentor, they have someone to offer encouragement to set and achieve goals. As a mentor, you could be the reason a Little graduate from high school, applies to a trade school, or simply, finds more joy in attending class. From 2020 to 2022, Littles in our programs improved or maintained their academic performance, and 94% of Littles stayed strong in their educational expectations. 

Ultimately, fostering educational achievement for youth empowers them to unlock their potential, and make better choices, setting the stage for a brighter future. 

High School Graduation Rates

Did you know that economically disadvantaged students in Utah graduate at a rate 9.6% lower than their peers? This is the 11th largest difference in the country. There’s a way we can help fix this. Through mentorship, youth have a guide and a friend to encourage them to study, attend class, answer questions, and uplift them. 

Encouraging academic success at an early age can help youth graduate high school. A study by states that young adults who had been at risk for not completing high school but who had a mentor were more likely to see positive academic outcomes than their peers without mentors. 

With the help of volunteer mentors, 95% of Littles in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah programs graduated high school between 2020-2022. 

Graduating from high school can offer better job opportunities, higher income, improved health, and reduces involvement in criminal activities compared to those without a high school diploma.

The Role of Mentors 

Academic achievement opens doors, creates opportunities, and equips our youth with the skills they need to navigate the difficulties they face at home or at school. Through mentorship, youth receive guidance, support, and encouragement that can significantly impact their educational journey. By establishing meaningful relationships with mentors, youth gain a sense of direction, encouragement, and someone to turn to for advice, thereby enhancing their academic performance and overall well-being. 

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