Families As Partners


Our care is the same as your care when it comes to supporting your child and the community. This is why we work hand in hand with the parents and guardians of the Littles in our programs. Together, we sustain your child’s growth and development by setting up frequent check-ins to establish meaningful communication.

When your child enrolls in our program, you provide us with valuable information that better helps us cater to their needs and interests. The match selection we make is not random; they are closely based on the information we receive and then approved by you. After we match your child, you remain involved in the following ways:

  • Participating in training on child safety and sharing with your child about their safety
  • Approving activities for your child and their Big to participate in
  • Asking your child about those outings and sharing what you learn with our staff
  • Reporting on the progress your child makes in terms of behavior and growth regularly

We want to be as unified as possible with you as you enroll your child in our program. To give your child an additional mentor who is right for them, start working with us today!