Mentoring Youth.

Changing Futures.

More About Our Impact

Mentoring Youth.

Changing Futures.

More About Our Impact

Real Men Mentor

June 15 – August 15

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is challenging YOU to help us recruit 60 men in 60 days! Learn more about how you can change the life of a child by clicking the button below.

Utah Children Waiting

For a Mentor

Utah Children

Served In 2019


Pounds of Cloth Waste

Repurposed In 2019

Mentoring Matters.

All kids have potential, and by partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and supporting our 1-to-1 mentoring model, you can help defend the potential of Utah’s kids. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we ignite the biggest possible future for youth facing opportunity gaps by providing them with mentoring relationships. Our programs support youth in our community, resulting in a positive outcome for everyone involved. Studies show mentored youth have better grades and school attendance, and feel more confident. Join us as a defender of potential today.

How We Help Kids

( & The Environment )

For more than 40 years, we’ve matched Bigs (volunteer mentors) with Littles (kids in the program) to ignite the potential of Utah kids. There are many ways you can support our mission and programs. In addition to volunteers donating their time, our youth and the environment benefit from used item donations and financial donations. All three types of contributions help kids get more out of their education, avoid risky behavior, aspire to be more, gain confidence, and, as a whole, build a safer, cleaner environment for us all.

Donate Time

Our one-to-one mentoring relationships ignite potential of the kids in our program (our Littles). Monthly, Bigs donate a few hours of their time for at least a year, and as their friendship grows, the Littles start to realize their potential. Learn more about how you can empower youth by becoming a Big.

Donate Financially

When you donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, you are doing more than making a charitable contribution — you are making an investment in a child’s future. Financial donations are the fastest and easiest way to make a difference immediately. Defend the potential of the youth in the community by making a an investment today.

Donate Used Clothes

Whether you’ve replaced clothing or small household items or need to free up some space, your used items can help fund our mission. By donating your used clothes, toys, and small household items, you help us support our mentoring programs and keep millions of pounds of cloth waste out of Utah landfills.

Damitrius, Immanuel and Lin

Big Couple of the Year
Matched 4 years, 11 months

“I never thought that I would tell my friends I had Indonesian food or went hiking on the weekends. They are great people . . . They are very understanding and help me with life's decisions. They treat me like family because we are family.”

— Little Brother, Damitrius

P.K. and Stafford

Community-Based Big Brother of the Year
Matched 10 years and 8 months

“It was approximately 12 years ago that I signed up to have a big brother for my son. It took some time for the match to happen, but it was worth the wait. Besides me, P.K.'s friendship with Staf is one of the most enduring and consistent relationships P.K has had.”

— P.K.’s Mother

Sage and Stephanie

Community-Based Big Sister of the Year
Matched 12 years and 5 months

“She is sassy, loyal, and loves me and my family. I couldn’t have asked for a better big sister. She treats me just like family.”

— Little Sister, Sage

Lily and Randi

Rookie Big Sister of the Year
Matched 1 year

“My favorite activity is when we went ice skating. It was funny because we both always fell down because we didn’t know how to ice skate. My Big Sister didn’t change me, she just made me happier and now I’m nicer around other people.”

— Little Sister, Lily

Immanuel & Lin

Sage &

P.K. &

Lily &


Our Littles love their Bigs. Read about some of our matches now.

Apply For a Mentor For Your Child

You know how special your child is, and want them to succeed! If your child could use another responsible friend and role model (Big) in their life, apply for a Big!

Chef &

St. George
Trivia Night

Bowl For
Kids' Sake


Chef & Child

An evening of decadent food, live music, silent/live auctions ~ this year with special guest Queer Eye’s Tan France.

Bowl For Kids' Sake

When’s the last time you had a “ball” in borrowed shoes and a fun costume? Join us to defend potential – you may even get a strike!

St. George Trivia Night

If you’re in Southern Utah, come show your smarts to support kids at our 4th Annual Trivia Night!

All Events

Big Brother Big Sister of Utah holds many annual events and many smaller events that you can learn more about by clicking the link below.


Beyond the Chef & Child Gala, Bowl for Kids’ Sake, and St. George Trivia Night, we host a variety of other events. Golf Fore Kids’ Sake, our annual Summer Picnic, and more are just a couple of events we hold for the Bigs and Littles in our programs. To see what’s going on with our volunteer mentors, check out our events calendar! Each event we host is for the benefit of the kids in our mentorship programs. In lieu of cash donations or participating in our Big Brothers Big Sisters events, we also accept in-kind donations (goods, services, or expertise).