Our Mission

Our mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all youth achieve their full potential.

Every child has the innate ability to achieve great success. With our mission and vision, we are working together to build a brighter future for all the kids in our community.


Last year, we had 924 kids enrolled in our three programs. Of these 924 children across the state of Utah, 54 percent live in poverty, 60 percent are kids of color, 50 percent live in a single-parent household, and 9 percent have an incarcerated parent. They range in age from elementary to high school — 41 percent are in elementary, 20 percent are in middle school, and the other 39 percent are in high school. No matter the challenge or situation, all kids have the capacity to go on to lead healthy, successful lives. With another mentor on their side, Littles are more likely to latch onto this sentiment and go on to be something great!

Our Staff

Our Matches are not alone: our team of amazing professionals is there to assist each match every step of the way. From extensive interviews with prospective volunteers to monthly calls with our Bigs and Littles, our staff exists to support healthy one-to-one mentoring relationships.

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