What is the ‘It Takes Little to Be Big’ Campaign?

In September of this year, Big Brothers Big Sisters announced the ‘It Takes Little to Big Big’ Campaign to inspire and engage one million alumni, potential volunteers, and donors to get involved and invest in the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission. 

Why was the ‘It Takes Little to Be Big’ Campaign Launched? 

Studies show that 1-in-3 kids in America are raised without a sustained adult mentor in their lives. As a result, there are 30,000 youth on Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program waiting lists across the nation hoping to be matched with a Big. This campaign marks the beginning of a solution to the societal challenge of children in the country growing up without a consistent adult mentor. 

It is our hope – that with your help –  we can find mentors for the youth on the waiting lists. 

How You Can Help: Breaking the Barrier 

Despite decades of research highlighting the positive impact of mentoring on the lives of young people, we’ve yet to fully leverage and expand our networks, ensuring that every child in need has a mentor. 

There’s a barrier that prevents potential volunteers from reaching out to these youth. We believe that the two biggest factors preventing adults from participating in volunteer opportunities in Utah are: the perception of the time required to volunteer and the myth of mentorship. 

The Perception of Time: We understand that one of the primary obstacles to adult participation is the perceived time commitment. In today’s fast-paced world, juggling work, family, and other responsibilities can make it seem like there’s little time to spare.

The truth is, mentoring does not take a lot of time. Mentoring can be a 1-hour pumpkin patch trip during the fall or a 15-minute hot chocolate run after school in the winter. These little moments are what shape the lives of youth.

The Myth of Mentorship: There’s a prevailing misconception about mentoring – the word can often feel like it carries weight and responsibility. Some believe you must be perfect to be a mentor, which couldn’t be further from the truth. You do not need to be “perfect”, or have a specific title or degree, or any technical requirements to be a mentor. You simply need to be compassionate, patient, accepting, and most importantly – present. 

So, how can we break this barrier together? Here are three ways to become actively involved in our mission:

1. Share a Little Moment

Whether you are a current or previous Big, or maybe you have never been involved with the BBBS program before – we want to hear how you have been influenced by mentorship. Whether it was a coach who encouraged you or a guidance counselor who believed in you, share your mentoring stories with us by using the hashtag “#BeBig” on social media. 

2. Give a Little Time

If you have been searching for volunteer opportunities in Utah, you are in the right place! 

Here are a few ways you can give a little of your time to supporting BBBSU’s mission:

-Refer a Big

-Donate used clothing at a donation bin

-Drop off used Items at a local participating Savers

-Host a clothing drive with your youth-serving organization, school group, or corporate group 

-Visit bbbsu.org/otherwaystohelp to find more ways you can help BBBSU 

3. Be Big

By either becoming a Big or donating to BBBSU, you can support our mentoring programs and our mission. 

Becoming a Big

One-on-one mentoring connections spark the potential of the children in our program. Every month, Bigs contribute a few hours of their time over at least a year. As the bond between the Bigs and Littles deepens, the Littles begin to recognize their own potential. Discover how you can make a difference by becoming a Big.


When you contribute to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, you’re not just giving to a charity — you’re investing in a child’s future. Financial donations provide the quickest and most effective way to create an immediate impact. To invest in the potential of our community’s youth today, click here

Apart from monetary donations, you can help support BBBSU by donating your secondhand clothing, toys, and small household goods. For further information on clothing donations, visit bbbsu.org/donate-clothing/