Giving back to the community does not have to require lots of money, time, or effort. August 17th is known as ‘National Nonprofit Day’ in the United States. You can find volunteer opportunities in Utah and leave your mark in the community. Programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah are always seeking volunteers to help them fulfill their mission. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is a nonprofit organization established to help youth throughout
Interacting with the natural world can be an enriching experience for people of all ages, but especially for children. With plenty of volunteer opportunities in Utah, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, you can help children gain access to the outdoors and receive these benefits. Here are a few ways children can benefit from time spent in nature: Health and Wellness One of the most significant benefits people of all ages get from
Mentors’ efforts have lasting effects on their mentees. Listening skills are a crucial part of mentors helping others grow. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, our mentors put forth effort toward helping Utah’s youth reach their full potential through personal growth. Volunteer opportunities in Utah with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah allow adults to become a mentor to a child who may be dealing with personal struggles in their youth.  Through volunteer opportunities,
Our environment is an essential part of everyone’s lives. We must work toward protecting the environment and teaching our kids to do the same. Educating children on the importance of maintaining and respecting the world around us is crucial. Here at Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Utah, we provide volunteer opportunities in Utah for adults to become mentors and teach youth (Little’s) about the world they live in.    Here are some ideas of
National Parks and Recreation Month is a great reminder to get outside and enjoy all the experiences parks and outdoor recreation offer, especially here in Utah. Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, our volunteer programs are aimed at creating an experience where kids have a chance to bond with an adult mentor. For some matches, a great way to do that is by getting outside and exploring together.    Here are some ideas