Donations in Utah are needed for a wide variety of causes.

But how can you talk to someone and convince them to give more money to a good cause? Here are a few ways you can encourage people to make donations in Utah:

Describe the Impact of the Gift

People are hit up for money from many different charitable causes. Suppose you can take some time to describe the impact the gift is having on the world. It is easier to stand apart from some of the other options and get more donations in Utah.

Make Giving Feel Good

Giving automatically feels good. But the more you can make it feel good, the more someone is likely to donate. Find ways to make giving feel good and see those donations grow.

Tailor Giving Appeals

Having one appeal to give to everyone is never a good idea. You need to tailor the appeal to the person you ask.

Consider Contagious Generosity

Several studies have shown how generosity can be contagious. One study shows that those who watched others make a generous donation were more likely to donate more than those who watched stingy donations. Asking for donations in a group may help you get more.

Make it a Sacrifice

One study had shown that people were willing to donate more to their favorite charity when they anticipated they would have to suffer to raise that money. For example, they would donate more when they had to participate in a charity race rather than a charity picnic.

Make Donations in Utah Today!

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we are always happy for all donations in Utah that are given to us. We can use these donations in Utah to fund our many great projects around the state. 

Contact us today to discuss how you can donate to our great cause too!