Mentoring benefits are far-reaching for children and adults in a mentoring program. Unfortunately, many children lack a positive role model in their life. As a parent, guardian, or volunteer, various volunteer opportunities in Utah can fill a void in a child’s life and positively impact them. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah knows it can be easy to overlook how time spent one-on-one with a child can positively impact their life and boost their confidence. Keep reading to learn ways to make a difference in children’s lives!

Learn the Child’s Interests

There are volunteer opportunities in Utah through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program that help adult mentors learn their mentees’ interests so they can share activities that both the adult and the child are interested in. Learning about your common interests helps to ensure enjoyment while spending time with each other. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah advises adult mentors to think of simple yet meaningful activities to do with your Little such as participating in the child’s favorite sport, playing a game, or learning about the child’s hobbies. Different children will have varying interests. Therefore, as an adult mentor, it is encouraged to have an open and accepting attitude toward the activities your Little wants to try. Doing so makes children feel more comfortable and open up to a mentor.

Know A Child’s Limits

An adult mentor should always understand that all children are unique. Some kids are more social than others; some love to play sports or be outdoors, while others enjoy more indoor activities. Some children are comfortable in large settings, while others find it better to be in smaller groups. Thus, as an adult mentor, understanding the child mentee’s limitations is essential.

Be a Role Model 

Being an effective role model requires conscious effort. As an adult mentor, how one interacts with others when the child is watching is vital. Children constantly watch how adults act and hear what they say. Additionally, children are perfect imitators. So to become a good role model to the child mentee, adult mentors should practice consciousness over what they say and do as the children watch them in their lives.

Be an Example

Basic life principles such as sharing, being kind to others, politeness, and a positive attitude are essential for children to learn. The child mentee will gain these principles from their role models. An adult mentor can teach a child mentee these life principles by leading through example. 

Become a Mentor

Child mentoring is a great way to impact your community positively. The various volunteer opportunities in Utah are placed to help ignite the potential of all Utah kids. Although child mentoring can be challenging, it is always gratifying. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah encourages adults to become a mentor to a child. The effects of becoming a mentor often change the life of a child and an adult. To learn more about BBBSU mentoring programs, visit