Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah provides community members with volunteer opportunities in Utah. We highlight these opportunities during “Make a Difference for Children Month” throughout July.

The event, which is celebrated in July, seeks to raise awareness about how vulnerable children are when they lack the right people to guide them. Research says that children with mentors are more likely to have improved educational expectations. They can also have better emotional regulation and life skills compared to kids who do not have mentors.

Origin of the Make a Difference for Children Month

The Make a Difference to Children Month is attributed to Kim Ratz, a child advocate who wanted the community to recognize the impact of bettering children’s lives in society.

Ratz directed his efforts to teachers, parents, caregivers, and the public. While it was a good idea, a majority believed it was not practical because many children needed help. However, Ratz insisted that the number of children is not the issue but the number of community members willing to make a difference.

Today, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah provides these volunteer opportunities in Utah, targeting adults willing to donate their time to mentor a child.

How You Can Make a Difference to a Child

Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

  • Get to know them
  • Understanding their needs
  • Listen to them
  • Appreciate them

As stated on Kim Ratz’s website, the volunteer opportunities in Utah also allow community members to donate material and non-material resources to organizations. Everyone, including family and friends, can contribute. To learn more about donations to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, visit