Donations in Utah

Giving donations in Utah is a great way to help others, clean up your home, and get rid of items that you no longer need but someone else may enjoy using. 

Donations can also be an excellent way to help a worthy cause, even if you cannot donate any money or time right then. 

There are many reasons why people decide to make donations in Utah, including:

  • Tax benefits:

    Some tax benefits come with donating to one of your favorite charities. If you keep the receipt, you can use it on your tax return to save some money each year.


  • Fights off poverty:

    The statistics of giving can help fight off poverty in your area. The charity that you donate to can help with so many things. Donating items that you would just throw away otherwise can be beneficial to those in need.


  • Can help without giving money:

    Many people feel bad that they can’t help because they do not have a ton of money to donate. But with other donations, you can give something to help out others without having to budget in more money along the way.


  • It feels good:

    Many people choose to donate because they would like to make a change. Even just by donating a few clothes that your children have outgrown, or other items that you were going to throw away, you can make a difference to the world around you, which can be a great feeling.

If you are interested in making donations in Utah, contact us at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.

We are happy to accept donations in Utah to assist with some of our great programs for youth. 

When you are ready to make your donation, contact us today!