Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is a nonprofit organization that offers volunteer opportunities in Utah by pairing adults with children looking for a mentor. Bigs are adults, and Littles are kids ages 6-18. They are matched together to create a bond of growth, friendship, and fun. Recently there has been a lack of male volunteers, leaving over 75 boys on our waiting list without a Big Brother. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a male mentor or if they are searching for volunteer opportunities in Utah with BBBSU, visit


Male mentors can make a huge difference in the life of a Little Brother. Here are some ways that men can make a difference as mentors. 



Big Brothers can help boys create and set goals to help their personal growth. Mentors can help children grow their skills by teaching them new abilities and techniques. They can also help children to cultivate goals and plans for the future. As someone who has been through adolescence and the shift into adulthood, you can help guide a child to new opportunities, ideas, and plans. 


Be a Friend

Being a youth can be challenging; pressure from school, parents, sports, future anxieties, friends, and more. Because of this, kids can often feel confused, lost, and alone. Mentors have the opportunity to be there for a child as extra support and to help guide them through their struggles. That bond with a mentor can help create a friendship and eliminate fears the child may have about future and present issues. 


Create Memories

Many kids who sign up to be mentored have multiple life risk factors that make it hard to succeed. This can cause stress and a feeling of missing out on childhood because of the need to grow up and survive in a challenging environment. Mentors have the opportunity to take their Littles to share new experiences and create fun memories. Whether going to the park or a free museum tour, these adventures can positively impact a child’s life, helping them grow, learn, and fulfill their full potential.


To learn more about how to volunteer opportunities in Utah with BBBSU, visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah: Home