At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah there is a high need for men to mentor. We have 75 boys on the waiting list, ready to be matched with a Big Brother, but not enough male volunteers to fill these mentorship roles. Being part of a mentorship program has amazing benefits for adults and children, so we are searching for men to volunteer as Big Brothers to fill this mentorship role in local young boys’ lives.


The Importance of Mentorship


Bigs and Littles in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah mentor program are exposed to new opportunities. 


Here are a few of the benefits of mentoring: 

  • A trusted relationship with an adult can provide guidance in a child’s life
  • An authority figure for a kid helps them in achieving their goals 
  • A mentor is someone to confide in
  • Mentoring provides learning opportunities 
  • A mentor gives the bond of friendship
  • Both Bigs and Littles can be exposed to new perspectives 
  • Littles have higher educational expectations of themselves 
  • A mentor can ignite the potential of a child 


Mentoring Benefits for Adults 


Mentoring is not only for kids to grow, but is also great for their adult mentors. When you apply to volunteer and help mentor a child, you will benefit from the experience as well. Here are a few benefits that come from mentoring: 


  • Bonding with a child 
  • A service experience 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Teaching experience 
  • Cultivating scheduling and planning skills
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Ability to see new perspectives 
  • The exploration of new ideas 


How Volunteers Help  

Volunteers are essential to a program such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. With volunteers, our program can help more people and children, reach more areas and create a better community. Volunteers are the heart of the organization and help it run smoothly.


For more information about our programs and how to get involved, visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah: Home.