Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah offers various mentoring programs to accomplish our urgent mission to defend youths’ potential. Donations in Utah are what helps us reinforce these programs, and today, we will go in-depth into one of our most empowering programs — site-based mentoring. Different from community-based mentoring where our Bigs and Littles meet around the community, site-based mentoring takes place at designated facilities, usually schools. While this isn’t always readily known, schools are the best place for a child to realize and achieve their maximum potential.

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From the playground to the library, our Littles enjoy spending time with their Bigs at school after the final bell rings. On the other side, our mentors understand that their efforts make a big difference in the lives of the Littles they mentor. Here is what our site-based program is and what it does to help Littles realize their potential.


Our site-based mentoring program matches Bigs (mentors) to children on a one-to-one basis. Bigs meet their Littles (younger mentees) for about an hour each week during the school year. As recent as 2018, we were able to serve 374 children. In Utah alone, our Bigs and Littles can meet at more than 16 sites across the state.

When Bigs and Littles meet up, they spend quality time together participating in all kinds of activities. Typically, the matches enjoy doing homework, playing board games, spending time on playgrounds, or doing other fun-filled activities. These one-to-one activities focus on working toward developing goals for the Little in five vital areas: healthy habits, life skills, love of learning, positive relationships and social skills.


To say that our site-based program has an impact on our Littles’ potential is an understatement. Through site-based mentoring, 93 percent of Littles report an increase in social acceptance within their peer groups, and 92 percent report an increase in parental trust. Additionally, 94 percent reported an improvement in scholastic competence, which is crucial for further academic achievements. This is all thanks to the connections that they have developed with their Bigs.

Through site-based mentoring, our Bigs empower, ignite and defend the potential of their Littles. In other words, these mentors help promote positive social attitudes and relationships from within their mentees. As a result, our youth go on to do big things later on in life.

Donations in Utah go a long way, and without them, we couldn’t provide life-changing experiences for the kids in any of our programs. Through our mission, we can change the world, and we urge you to stand with us today as we continue to change lives.