Clothing donations are one of the most helpful ways to support an organization like ours. By donating clothes to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, you’re helping our organization fund everything from resources for our Bigs (mentors) to the entire one-to-one mentoring program. BBBSU recognizes that without our donors, we wouldn’t be able to sustain the infrastructure necessary to defend the potential of the youth in the community.

Individuals can make all kinds of donations in Utah that help the community, but clothing donations have a significant impact on what we do. While it may not seem like much, donating unwanted clothes to us will, in turn, convert to other funds, help developing countries, and even protect our environment. Here’s how.

donations in Utah


 When you donate clothing, you might imagine the clothes will simply be reused, but that is not the case. Since 1995, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah has had an exclusive partnership with Savers Thrift Store, and through this partnership, we turn those clothing donations into dollars. As a result, the funds we receive end up coming back to our mentoring program and supporting our mission.


 We aim to support our mission by any means possible, and the clothing donations in Utah definitely help, but the contributions don’t stop there. With the clothes we cannot sell to Savers, we send them to developing countries. Sending these clothes to other countries is just another valuable way to salvage unwanted clothes. While we like the donations in Utah to primarily support the communities here, these developing countries benefit just as much from your contributions.


Beyond helping developing countries and receiving funds through our Savers partnership, the clothing donations we receive do even more.  In 2017, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah saw 4,918,231 pounds of converted items come through our donation bins, a lot of which came from clothes. In other words, as a community, we were able to protect our environment by keeping nearly 5 million pounds of unwanted clothes and items out of landfills.

There are a lot of ways to make donations in Utah, but with four major donation centers and even more donation bins spread throughout the state, making a clothing donation is one of the easiest ways to donate. And while simple things don’t always seem to make a big impact, your clothing donation truly helps us change the world.