Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is a great place to start for anyone searching for rewarding volunteer opportunities in Utah! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to help at-risk kids aged 6-18 who face opportunity gaps. Our organization leads mentoring programs that pair youths (Littles) with adult volunteer mentors (Bigs) to teach and encourage them in educational settings, develop essential life skills, and build trusting relationships. 

Studies find that youth who have strong relationships with adults outside their family unit have much more positive support, participate in less risky behaviors, and have increased levels of well-being. If you think you would like to volunteer, read on below to find out what programs we offer:

Community-based Mentoring

In our community-based mentoring program, you can become a mentor to a Little, under-resourced youth. You will be matched and encouraged to meet with your Little two to four times every month for one year. You choose what one-to-one activities you both would enjoy doing. Our Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah staff will support you every step of the way to make the most impact you can in your Little’s life.

Site-based Mentoring

Youth in the site-based mentoring program will meet with their mentors weekly throughout the academic year. Our mentoring program has 15 different elementary schools with volunteer opportunities in Utah. Littles can choose what they would like to do in their assigned weekly hour. Studies show that having a non-parent mentor helps children manage their life challenges.

Mentor 2.0 Program

As a mentor in the mentor2.0 program, you would aim to support a high school student in progressing to college. The main focus of this mentoring program is to encourage teenagers to stay motivated in high school and achieve the grades needed for progression.

We hope you find the program that works for you when searching through potential volunteer opportunities in Utah. With Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, you will change a child’s life and your own for the better while making a life-long friend in the process.