The power of volunteers and volunteerism remains evident in mentoring the youth who are the future of society. All across states, the hope for a better future and the love for one another drives volunteers into services such as donating food, serving as mentors, and more. 

State ranking by volunteer rate in the U.S.A. shows that Americans in Utah report the highest rate of volunteering at 51%. Today, there are various non-profit organizations offering volunteer opportunities in Utah. Volunteering efforts for Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah (BBBSU) come in many forms from mentoring Littles to donating items. 

BBBSU sells all items for monetary profit, which profits all BBBSU efforts and programs. Here are three types of donations accepted by BBBSU: 

  1. Donate Your Time

The many volunteer opportunities in Utah include becoming a Big at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. You could help change a life by donating your time to serve as a mentor for the many children in Utah. Changing a child’s future can change yours too. Potential Bigs can apply and train virtually. Apply to be a Big by visiting

  1. Monetary Donations 

Financial support can help ignite the potential of Utah children. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah invests your donation in providing one-to-one mentors to children waiting for a mentor. Change a child’s future through your monthly contributions. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah also accepts financial donations through mutual funds, stocks, securities, and planned giving.

  1. Used Clothing Donations 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah accepts used clothing donations. Donate clothing and used items in bins at selected local businesses. If your item cannot fit in the donation bin, take it to the attended donation centers. BBBSU will sell items to raise money to support Utah’s youth. 

If you are interested in donating finances or becoming a Big, visit At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we have many volunteer opportunities in Utah for you to change a life today!