In the middle of July, we hosted a summer picnic at Liberty Park in Salt Lake for our Bigs, Littles and their families. It was all made possible thanks to our wonderful staff, board and community partners. And this year, Smith’s Food and Drug Stores provided us with delicious food for the event, feeding nearly the 400 individuals in attendance! From piñatas to face painting, our Bigs and Littles were able to participate in activities with families and partners alike, coming together as a community at large. This is just one way we utilize the donations Utah residents provide us with.

At this picnic, not only did Bigs and Littles have the opportunity to gather together, but they were also able to bring their family along. With additional family members, community partners and other sponsors, a good portion of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah family was on full display. As unfamiliar faces met for the first time, a sense of unity and oneness was created.

It is sponsored events like these that help us all stretch beyond our regular confines and interact with others from our community. The more we associate with others from our community, the stronger it becomes. While our Bigs and Littles ate and participated in games at the park, new connections were formed. Without the donations Utah residents make out to our organization, these new friendships would never be developed. From the contributions made for events like this picnic, our community’s awareness for one another grows.


The mission at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is to change lives for the better by providing one-to-one relationships to children facing adversity. The end result is a better future not just for the children in our programs but for all of us. Kids that are surrounded by better influences are more likely to grow up and bring more good to the world, positively affecting any community they inhabit.

We foster a safe place for kids to hone in on their actual potential through the help of an encouraging mentor. By building healthy relationships and providing opportunities for kids to learn more and have fun in safe ways, children’s perspectives change for the better.

Thanks to the donations Utah residents provide us with, we are able to host events like this and spread our cause. And while there are a lot of people who make donations in Utah, not everyone knows where their donations go. With Big Brothers Big Sisters, you know that any proceeds we receive go towards our mentoring programs and activities like these.

To help support the Littles in your community, stand with us and share our cause with everyone you know.