On the 22nd of April, environmental protection, cleanliness, and sustainability are celebrated in honor of Earth Day. At Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah we believe in preparing and helping the Earth and youth for the future. This Earth Day, you can spend time with Utah’s youth to teach the importance of Earth’s sustainability as well as make donations in Utah to various environmental conservation sites. 

Here are four important aspects of Earth Day you can teach youth:

The Importance of Trees to Our Environment

Apart from providing relaxing shade, trees use carbon dioxide to give oxygen. Recently, deforestation has increased drastically, leading to increased air toxins, climate change, and the extinction of animals. To honor Earth Day, it is essential to teach the youth the benefit of planting and conserving trees.

The Benefits of Recycling

Kids often do not consider how trash can be toxic when improperly disposed of in the environment. So it is important to teach our children how they can prevent pollution and protect our resources through recycling. Instead of throwing out what you don’t use as trash, you can share it with others. 

Part of recycling includes donating used clothing rather than throwing it away. Organizations such as Savers have partnered with BBBSU to turn clothing donations into monetary donations for the BBBSU programs. To learn more about clothing donations, visit bbbsu.org/donate-clothing

Strategies for Reducing Energy Usage

It’s crucial to teach the youth how to save energy. That can include;

  • Turning the lights off when you are leaving a room
  • Proper use of air conditioners and heaters
  • The use of energy-saving gadgets and appliances

The Importance of Water Conservation

The shortage of water is becoming a large problem in many parts of the world, including Utah. It’s essential to teach the youth how to use water properly without potential wastage. Here are a few tips;

  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn off the faucets after use
  • Use water appliances only when needed

The most effective way to show the youth how to protect the Earth is by incorporating environmentally friendly behavior. That involves recycling, energy reduction, and giving back to the community. To learn more about BBBSU’s efforts in teaching and mentoring youth, visit bbbsu.org