Are you looking for a fun yet educational way to celebrate Earth Day with your Little? With plenty of volunteer opportunities in Utah with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, there are many ways to do just that!

Volunteer with a Local Environmental Organization

Whether it’s spending the day planting trees or picking up roadside litter, volunteer opportunities in Utah make for a great bonding experience. At Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah, our focus is to positively impact our youth and our environment. At the same time, Littles will be able to see that they’ve made an impact on their local environment.

Plant a Garden

Help them start a community or backyard garden; this can help foster a sense of self-reliance and teach them the importance of providing for their local community.

Introduce Them to the World of Composting

After planting a garden, you can teach your Little how to compost leftover food scraps. It’s a great way to help make the most out of debris that would otherwise end up in a landfill and can allow you to teach them about how the local ecosystem functions! Composting can be achieved in your apartment with a compost tumbler. Composting with a tumbler allows the food scraps to be trapped in a warm, tight space, which helps the decomposition process. Learn more about composting by visiting

Head to Your Local State Park

By visiting a local state park, you are giving your Little the chance to experience the wonders of nature, but you’ll also be supporting its preservation with your entrance fee. While you’re there, you can teach them to identify local plants and wildlife. 

Learn the ‘Leave No Trace’ Principles

While at the state park, you have an excellent opportunity to teach your Little the Leave No Trace Principles that help keep the park pristine and accommodating to visitors. These seven simple principles are easy to follow and even easier to teach. But they make a big difference to our shared conservation efforts.