Earth Day is the perfect time for those in the community to take advantage of volunteer opportunities in Utah. At Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah, our focus is to teach youth helpful skills that will benefit them, and the community in the future.


Crafts are an interactive way to spend time with youth while teaching them about sustainability.  

Below are three kid-friendly craft ideas you can make this Earth Day: 


A Mosaic Earth

Play the role of Big Brother Big Sister in Utah and help your kids create an earth mosaic with paper. 

Together, a Big and Little can create an Earth mosaic out of paper. This project requires cardboard, multi-colored paper, and glue. Since your goal is to teach your kids about the importance of taking care of the earth, try to find and use recycled materials. 

During your project, allow the kids to draw a pattern of the world on your cardboard and draw continent shapes. Cut blue, brown, and green papers into small square pieces and tell your kids what goes where. Ideally, blue should reflect the oceans, brown earth, and green vegetation. Let them stick the papers on the cardboard with glue. 

Create a Snow Storm Jar

Creating a snowstorm in a jar is a simple, yet exciting craft for kids. You’ll need a Mason jar, bowl, water, baby oil, acrylic craft paint, and Alka-seltzer tablets. First, mix 2 cups of water with a few drops of acrylic paint into a bowl and stir. Add your baby oil into your jar until half full, and add the colored water.

The colored mixture will go through the oil, settle at the bottom, and let the jar sit still. After everything settles, allow your kids to add one Alka-seltzer tablet and watch as snow begins to form. As you add more pills, the snow will get wilder and wilder.

Nature Wreaths

Bigs and Littles can go on a nature walk together to collect leaves, berries, flowers, and more for nature wreaths. Using a string, tie together your items in the form of a wreath. Your wreath can then be hung indoors or outdoors.  

At Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah we encourage each match to spend time together each month. These crafts are the perfect opportunity to enjoy your Big or Little’s company while celebrating Earth Day

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