We’ve seen many talented individuals take advantage of our volunteer opportunities in Utah and become Bigs. Their influence and experiences have done a lot to help ignite potential in local youth. Becoming a good mentor takes intention and effort. Here are some tips to help new mentors and experienced mentors alike feel successful.

volunteer opportunities in Utah


One of the best things that a Big can do for a Little is to express genuine interest. This could include participating in their favorite hobbies, helping them with homework, attending performances or simply asking how their week has been.


Our volunteer opportunities in Utah require only a few hours of mentoring a month. However, how available a mentor is during those few hours can make a big difference. Make sure to stay present. It’s important to invest energy into developing a relationship and to not make Littles feel like they’re another item on the day’s to-do list.


A big part of being a Big is helping Littles prepare for the future. This can mean sharing any professional experience, sharing common interests or sharing personal stories of successes and failures. The willingness to share knowledge and stories can empower potential in Littles by helping them gain new perspective.

At BBBSU our volunteer opportunities in Utah are designed to be positive experiences for all involved. We provide training and regular communication for our Bigs to give them the tools they need to succeed. We still have many Littles waiting to be paired with a Big. Visit our website to learn more.

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