Our mission is urgent. But we know that we can’t accomplish it alone. Did you know that our volunteer opportunities in Utah go further than our one-to-one mentors? We also have programs available for local businesses interested in getting involved.

volunteer opportunities in Utah

We have already partnered with numerous first responder agencies, law enforcement, schools and non-profit organizations throughout Utah. Thanks to these partnerships, we are able to help more Littles develop their potential. Each of our partners play an important role in building a brighter future for local youth.

For example, we work closely with many local universities and colleges to help recruit volunteers. These positive mentors are the heart of what we do here at BBBSU. We also have a site-based program that allows us to work with youth in school districts all across Utah.

Many corporate partners open their office for Bigs and Littles to come visit. This helps local youth have exposure to the professional world and can help begin to understand their potential. Other companies sponsor our annual events or contribute to customized sponsorship opportunities.

Other creative volunteer opportunities in Utah include distribution intra-office communications about BBBSU, providing paid volunteer hours that employees can use to be a Big, or setting up a company clothing drive.

We also offer a BIG Supporter program where your company can enjoy a yearlong plan designed around what your company and your employees need. Your company can gain some marketing exposure while making an important impact in our local communities.

If you are interested in these partnerships or our other volunteer opportunities in Utah, we are excited to help! Visit our website or contact us today to get started.