Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah provides flexible, fulfilling volunteer opportunities in Utah through our one-to-one mentoring program. The Bigs that become a part of our program have a rare chance to empower a child to reach their potential. It is an important role that doesn’t require any specialized degrees or job skills—just your unique background and experiences.
We put a lot of resources into our volunteer opportunities in Utah to make sure the mentors that we approve are safe and positive for our Littles and their families. Here’s how the process works.

volunteer opportunities in Utah

The volunteer opportunities with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah does require commitment, but we’ll provide you with resources that you need to succeed. For example, we’ll start you off with an orientation that walks you through what it means to be a Big and what the expectations are before you even fill out an application.


After the orientation, you’ll start by giving us some basic information about yourself. Common interests are a big part of our matching process, and we’d love to get to know you! To start the process, fill out an application online or call us at 801-313-0303.


Once we receive your application, we will send you a link where you can decide on the best interview time for you at one of our offices. You can also feel free to let our enrollment staff know if you need to meet at a different location. Expect about an hour and a half to two hours for the interview.

Online Training

We want the participants in our volunteer opportunities in Utah to feel confident in their abilities. That’s why we provide training from the very beginning to help you find useful tips for things like working with kids and setting boundaries. You take this initial training online, and then, depending on the needs of your Little, we may have you take other online or in-person training later.


In the meantime, our enrollment staff will begin completing your reference and background checks. Once everything is in order, we’ll set to work pairing you with a Little.
Match Meeting

This is an exciting day! Once we find a Little that we think your background, personality, and interests could benefit, we will schedule a time with you to meet your Little and their family or the school staff. This is where the adventure begins, and we’ll be available the entire duration of the match for any help or questions that you need.
If you are interested in our mentoring volunteer opportunities in Utah or you know someone who would be a good fit, visit our website today to get started.