At BBBSU, child safety is foundational to everything that we do. It is our top priority, and your donations in Utah allow us to invest in top security measures. For example, we collaborated with experts like the Centers for Disease Control, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and the Nonprofit Risk Management Center to develop our child protection systems.

We have zero-tolerance for any abuse or exploitation, and we are constantly working on reviewing and strengthening our processes, training, monitoring system, and policies. If you are considering enrolling your child to become a Little, or if you are thinking about becoming a Big, these are the critical elements of our screening system:

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-Assessment of the prospective volunteer’s home environment.
-Background and reference checks.
-Multilevel screening
-Training and orientation that clearly lays out the ground rules for mentors.
-A formal, written application.
-In-person interviewing to check for volunteer’s suitability to work with children.
-Ongoing support and monitoring.

Our entire mission is to empower children’s potential and to help them build their confidence as they face opportunity gaps and personal challenges. Your generous donations in Utah make it possible for us to make each match a positive experience for everyone involved. We defend potential in children by first defending their safety.
We have seen the powerful impact that a positive, one-to-one mentor can have on a child’s future, and we think that it is well worth the efforts to build a safe environment. That’s why we aim for the highest quality standards possible, especially when it comes to security.

We still have nearly a hundred local children and youth that have enrolled as Littles and are waiting to be paired with a trusted mentor. Interested in answering the call? Visit our website to learn more about our volunteer opportunities and donations in Utah.