Becoming a Big at Big Brothers Big Sisters means becoming a mentor who spends one-to-one time with kids facing more life obstacles than most others their age. The reason becoming a Big is one of the most fulfilling activities a volunteer could hope for is because of the benefits that come with watching a child realize their potential!

As a trustworthy adult looking for the different volunteer opportunities Utah offers its residents, there are multiple reasons as to why you should consider becoming a Big.


Some of the reasons an individual should consider becoming a Big are found in real-life stories, and there is no shortage of great stories at Big Brothers Big Sisters. One of these exemplary stories is Darryl’s story. As a child, Darryl’s single mother worked long hours, leaving him exposed to things like drug trafficking, human trafficking, truancy, gang activity and more. Knowing that she couldn’t protect him from all the negative neighborhood activity, Darryl’s mother enrolled him at BBBS in order for him to receive more positive influences.

After being paired with a Big couple — Greg and Barbara — Darryl noticed how much time, encouragement, guidance and support he received from them. They’d go to baseball games, bring him lunch at school and even invite him and his mother to dinner. At the young age of 10, Greg and Barbara brought Darryl to their downtown office, and it was there that he realized his potential and envisioned his own future for the first time.

With interest in science and math, Darryl learned about an engineering career through Greg and Barbara, and it became his dream. Greg and Barbara simply supported the idea that he was smart, hardworking and could amount to anything! Not only did Darryl go on to realize his dream of becoming an engineer, but he also became a Big! Now, Darryl has started paying it forward by helping his own Little (mentee) develop more personality and social skills.


This is just one story. We have over 1300 kids enrolled in the Utah BBBS program, that’s over 1300 one-to-one volunteer opportunities Utah residents can jump on! Every one-to-one match has the potential to be as impactful as the pairing between Darryl and Greg and Barbara.

The influence Greg and Barbara had on Darryl was life changing! Darryl also points out from his story that kids in his neighborhood were always told the wrong things, breaking down their dreams. Fortunately for him, Darryl states that he received nurture and support, helping him live his dream and amount to the man he always could be. This is the kind of volunteer opportunity Utah Big Brothers Big Sisters gives you — YOU can help a youth in your community reach their dreams!


It’s not hard to see the benefits that adult mentors can have on kids, in fact, there are statistics showing improvement in character and academics. 84 percent of Littles report that they are less likely to be involved in risky behavior thanks to the influence of their Bigs. Additionally, 94 percent feel they are more accepted socially.

On the other side of the mentorship, Bigs create real, long-lasting bonds. The influence of this personal connection and interaction is something that they get to eye-witness for years to come, and there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you’ve made a difference.

Utah volunteer opportunities are plentiful, but there aren’t many like the personal mentoring program at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Get involved with the best volunteer opportunity Utah can offer by becoming a Big! If that is too big of a commitment, there are other opportunities to defend the potential of Littles in the community at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Whatever it is you are looking for, choose to stand with us today!