An act of kindness goes a long way. It is an ideal way to achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment. More importantly, it helps organizations like ours—Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah (BBBSU) to stay afloat. Since our inception in 1904, we have converted donations in Utah to funds. This has led to the initiation of programs that help bring positive changes to kids and the community at large. Through a well-integrated infrastructure, we have been able to unleash the full potential of the youth in Utah. We have also improved children’s support systems by stabilizing the relationship with an adult mentor.

In this regard, we will explore how your donations in Utah have helped BBBSU give back to the community.

donations in Utah

Your Small Donation Makes a Big Difference

As a nonprofit, rely on donations. More than 25% of our annual budget to operate our mentoring program is funded through our social enterprise where we take donations of clothing and small household items and sell them to Savers Thrift Stores. Your donation of used clothing – things that you were not using any more – turns into vital cash to help BBBSU defend the potential of kids!

Helps the Youth Have Great Futures

BBBSU is a committed to helping the youth mitigate peer pressure and steer away from heading down the wrong path. We know that one of the most important things about having a mentor is that you avoid risky behaviors. Kids today are faced with all kids of tough choices. Many neighborhoods have drugs, gangs, and violence that kids see every day. Having a mentor can help balance some of these challenges and introduce a positive voice. Your donations in Utah have helped us support mentoring programs that support positive development and reduced their chances of engaging in risky behaviors.

Strengthens your Personal Values

Helping is a human superpower that most people are not aware of. By helping others, you actually feel better and are happier.  That’s why donating to BBBSU not only improves your community, but it helps you feel great about the good you are supporting in the world. The donations we receive are crucial to our urgent mission. Donate today and help us protect the potential of Littles in your community.