Today, most people can identify someone who guided, nurtured and supported them when growing up. Caring relationships provide a strong base for positive sense and healthy development. Such relationships help in protecting youth who face opportunity gaps. At BBBSU, you get a chance to be a Big through a myriad of volunteer opportunities in Utah.

BBBSU is dedicated to providing help and mentor children facing various challenges. There are many ways you can volunteer.

1. & 2. You Can Donate Your Time and “be a Big”

Become a Big at BBBSU and change the future of a child. It can change yours too. Join our one-on-one mentoring program where you’ll ignite potential in kids. You will have time to interact with kids and helps them where you. Children need someone to look up to. Take this chance to empower youth and become a Big. There are two ways to do this – arrange times to do activities with the child you are matched with (your “Little Brother/Sister”) two to four times per month for two to three hours per activity. Or you can come at a pre-arranged time for one hour per week to a local elementary school.

3. Become a Mentor

Be a role model to a high school student. Help them imagine their future and plan what they will do after high school. Our mentor2.0 program allows you to connect virtually on a weekly basis and then meet to do activities that we arrange at a specifies time/place once per month. Be willing to show someone direction, encourage and mentor them. Apply to be a mentor in the mentor2.0 program today!

4. You can Volunteer at Events

Events are some of the volunteer opportunities at BBBSU that are less frequent but still really important. We volunteers to help plan and implement our two big fundraising events each year. Check the calendar to see what the events are coming up.

5. You can Volunteer as a Group

Our mentoring matches need fun things to do. And we are always looking for a group of people – maybe your company or your church or just a group of friends – that will put together an activity for our mentoring matches. It might be orchestrating a hay ride in the fall or sledding in the winter. Or it might be an indoors holiday party.

Cant’ volunteer right now? Don’t forget you can also help out by donating money or donating used clothes and household items!

You might not have time to join a one-on-one program. However, you can donate financially and invest in a child’s future. The charitable contribution is the easiest and fastest ways of making a difference immediately. This is one of the volunteer opportunities in Utah that almost everyone can partake.

Sometimes we might be squeezed financially and still don’t have time. But don’t worry, at BBBSU, you can simply donate used clothes. You can donate household items, used or small clothes and toys to make a child happy.

BBBSU offers several volunteer opportunities in Utah. If you’re willing to learn more, call us today and help change the life of a child.