Being a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah offers a transformative experience for both the mentor and mentee to develop the best versions of themselves.

What Does Mentoring Involve?

Mentoring, unlike common misconception, isn’t about creating another version of yourself but rather helping a ‘little’ become the best version of themselves.

Some of the admirable traits of a great mentor include:


  • Listening: Your focus needs to be on listening rather than talking. Ask questions that help you understand your mentee’s situation before offering advice. Listening is a great way to better understand your Little’s personality too.
  • Motivates and inspires: An essential aspect of mentoring at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is building a passion for life pursuits such as learning and recreational activities such as sports and creating a sense of resilience.
  • Shows kindness and gives honest feedback: One of the primary roles of a mentor is to offer honest feedback, even if it’s difficult. The trick is to find ways to kindly offer feedback while telling your mentee what they need to hear.
  • Keeps developing their expertise: A good mentor never stops learning. To share your knowledge with the next generation, you need to continuously expand your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest innovations in your field.


How can you become a mentor at BBBSU?

As one of the unique volunteer opportunities in Utah, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah helps you become a mentor through the following steps:


Orientation is an excellent experience for a volunteer. Being a Big requires commitment. The orientation process walks you through what you can expect as a mentor.

Complete Application

The next step is filling out a form that lets Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah know your location, and then the information is passed to an agency that serves your area.

Fingerprinting and Interview

After sending in your application, you will receive a link to complete your fingerprinting and have a virtual interview.

Complete online training

You will then undergo online training that guides you in creating an effective and positive relationship with your mentee.


Our staff will carry out background and reference checks as you complete your online training.

Meet Your Little

Our staff will then introduce you to your Little and your journey together begins!

Big Brothers Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is one of the most amazing volunteer opportunities in Utah. The program offers you an opportunity to change a child’s life and perhaps even change yours. Not sure if you are qualified? We are all qualified to listen, share and do fun things with a kid. Visit today to find out how you can help the youth of Utah.