Donations in Utah: Supporting Youth Through Donations

Donating is a powerful way to make a positive impact on your community and instill change whether big or small. They are not merely transactions, but acts of empathy, kindness, and solidarity that reverberate far beyond the initial gesture. For those looking for volunteer opportunities in Utah, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is dedicated to helping those in need. With programs and services in place, BBBSU makes it easy for those wanting to give back. From financial contributions to tangible items, donations in Utah are an essential part of our mission. Donors become catalysts for progress, enabling organizations to implement vital programs, offer support, and address pressing challenges. 

Financial Contributions: The Power of Giving Back

One of the most impactful ways to support BBBSU is through financial contributions. Your donations enable the organization to maintain their mentorship programs, offer support to mentors and mentees, and implement initiatives that empower youth to reach their full potential. Here’s how your financial support can make a difference:

  1. Program Sustainability: Your donations in Utah help ensure the continuity and quality of BBBSU’s mentorship programs. From matching mentors and mentees, to organizing engaging activities to running background checks, your financial contributions play a vital role in making these programs possible.
  2. Mentor Training and Support: Effective mentorship requires proper training and ongoing support. Your donations help provide mentors with the resources, training, and guidance they need to create a positive and lasting impact on their mentees’ lives..
  1. Community Outreach: Outreach programs help BBBSU connect with potential mentors, mentees, and supporters. Your financial contributions contribute to these efforts, expanding the reach of the organization and allowing more individuals to benefit from their programs.
  1. Creating Lasting Change: Ultimately, your financial support helps create a lasting impact on the lives of young people, setting them on a path toward success, confidence, and positive life choices. 

For more information on how to donate to BBBSU, our website offers information on the variety of ways to contribute. 

Tangible Donations: Making a Material Difference

In addition to financial contributions, tangible donations can also have a significant impact on the programs within Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Visit for the complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items. Here are some acceptable items you can donate to a participating Savers, or BBBSU center, or BBBSU donation bin: 

  1. Books and Educational Supplies: Donating books, notebooks, art supplies, and educational games can contribute to mentees’ learning and creative development. These materials enhance the mentorship experience and provide valuable resources for mentors to engage with their mentees. 
  2. Clothing and Sports Equipment: Gently used clothing, boots, and sports equipment can be dropped off at participating Savers locations. The money from these sold items is used to support BBBSU and our mission. 
  1. Event and Activity Supplies: BBBSU often organizes events, workshops, and outings for mentors and mentees. Donating supplies such as craft materials, board games, and outdoor activity equipment can contribute to the success of these events. Please speak to a BBBSU employee if you are interested in this type of donation. 

How to Donate: Where to Contribute

If you’re wondering where you can donate these items, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah offers several avenues for you to make your contributions count:

  1. BBBSU Donation Centers: BBBSU has local donation centers where you can drop off your donations. There are currently three centers in Utah: Roy, St. George, and Holladay. These offices serve as central collection points and can provide you with information on current needs and ongoing initiatives. For location addresses, visit
  2. Community Collection Events: BBBSU may organize specific donation drives or collection events within the community. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for announcements about these events.
  3. Clothing Donation Bins: There are various donation bins for donations in Utah to help make donating your used clothing items more convenient. We have placed bins throughout the Salt Lake Valley to make donating easy and convenient. For a list of donation bins, visit
  1. Online Donation Platforms: BBBSU has online platforms where you can contribute financially. These platforms streamline the donation process and ensure that your contributions align with the organization’s current needs.
  1. Sponsorship Programs: Some corporations offer sponsorship programs that allow corporations to contribute financially to BBBSU. For more information, please contact a BBBSU employee. 

Volunteering: Donating Time and Skill

In addition to donations, volunteering your time and skills can make a significant impact. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah provides various volunteer opportunities in Utah that allow you to directly engage with the organization’s mission:

  1. Become a Mentor: Mentoring is at the heart of BBBSU’s mission. Becoming a mentor provides you with a unique opportunity to directly impact the life of a young person, fostering growth, confidence, and positive life choices.
  2. Participate in Events: BBBSU often organizes events or outings for mentors, mentees, or individuals wanting to learn more about mentoring. Events include BBBSU graduation in the Spring and BBBSU’s Big Night Out. You can show your support for BBBSU by participating in such events. 
  3. Fundraising and Outreach: If you’re passionate about raising awareness and funds for BBBSU, consider volunteering your skills in fundraising and outreach. You can help organize campaigns, spread the word about the organization’s initiatives, and engage your community.
  4. Administrative Support: Behind the scenes, administrative tasks play a crucial role in BBBSU’s operations. Volunteering your administrative skills can assist the organization in running smoothly and efficiently.
  1. Skill-Based Volunteering: Share your expertise by volunteering in areas such as marketing, communications, technology, or event planning. Your specialized skills can contribute to BBBSU’s growth and impact.


Supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah through your donations in Utah – you participate in a meaningful way to create positive change in the lives of young individuals. Whether through financial contributions, tangible items, or your time and skills, your support empowers BBBSU. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for the youth in our community.