Everyone wants to see the next generation succeed.

By donating to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, you can help make the future bright for children who might otherwise struggle all their lives. There are many ways you can give these donations in Utah to make a difference.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, the most pressing need is for monetary contributions.

You can give immediately or monthly. There is an option, as outlined on our website, for planned giving as well. Two other options are to become a corporate partner or community partner. Whether you write a one-time check, make a monthly investment into a child’s life, or use your business to sponsor an event, you’re investing in each child’s potential.

In addition to monetary contributions, there are other ways to make donations in Utah.

Used clothing and household textiles are needed for the children who are helped through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Used clothing can be dropped off or scheduled to be picked up. Personal accessories, toys, media, houseware items, and books can also be given.

Consider the impact sports have on a young person’s life. In addition to the health benefits of physical exertion, there are other positive effects such as socialization and improved feelings of self-worth. When young people and their families cannot afford the fees associated with sports, there are many lost opportunities.

Consider these articles, which outline the hardships low-income kids face where youth sports are concerned and the benefit of youth sports in the lives of children. It’s Tough For Low-Income Kids, Especially Girls, To Participate In Sports (forbes.com) Youth Sports Facts: Benefits-The Aspen Institute Project Play (aspenprojectplay.org)

There are many ways to make donations in Utah.

Please consider donating to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. You will be making a difference in the lives of children.