Volunteer Opportunities in Utah are Invaluable

Many volunteers who donate their time to help the community say they develop new skills, gain experience, feel more connected to their community, and have higher self-esteem due to their efforts. Furthermore, many volunteers credit their educational and professional success to the experience and contacts while serving. Volunteering has also been shown in studies to boost brain function and reduce social isolation among elderly individuals. These personal advantages outweigh the hours that volunteers devote to their communities.

The value of volunteering is apparent throughout all dimensions of value, and it extends well beyond the number of hours that volunteers provide. And recognizing that value is critical for organizations since most volunteers want to know how their contributions make a difference.

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In areas such as impaired driving, end-of-life care, and pesticide usage in public spaces, volunteers lead critical public policy initiatives that have substantially influenced our society. These legal reforms have a positive influence on people’s health and well-being and save lives. Volunteers contribute far more to the community than the hours they spend meeting politicians, organizing rallies, and writing to policymakers.

Communities with a high level of community involvement are often safer and more resilient.

It’s been proven through volunteer opportunities in Utah. Whether we look at value through the lens of concepts like social capital (the value of people forming bonds with one another and the community at large) or through the lens of community asset mapping (space, resources, people’s commitments, and talents), volunteering has a high value that extends far beyond the hours that neighbors spend cleaning the park, flipping burgers at the BBQ, or taking turns on the basketball court.

The vision of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is that all children and teenagers reach their greatest potential.

Every youngster is born with the potential to do great things. We are working together to create a brighter future for all children in our community via our purpose and vision. What a great way to find volunteer opportunities in Utah!

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