Many people depend on local charities to assist them through times of need. And, never before has our nation helped each other more than during the past few months. Doesn’t your heart swell every time you read another heartwarming story of people reaching out and caring for one another?

Why BBBSU is so important

Most Utahns are exceptionally warm and giving. It is easy to see that they had a special place in their hearts for children. If kids have a special place in your heart, one of the finest organizations to donate to, or volunteer with, is Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Utah. Their mission is to help every child reach their potential, no matter what their life situation, and to go on to lead happy and successful lives.
The statistics working against children are staggering. Of the 300,000 children in Utah, at least 75% are living in poverty, 63% are children of color, 46% are living in single-parent homes, and 7% are refugees. Add to that, 44,000 kids have experienced separation from one of their parents due to incarceration. Perhaps the saddest and most sobering statistic of all is that suicide is the #1 cause of death in teens, age 13-17, living in the state.

Donate in Utah Today

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah wants to continue to be a lifeline for those children but desperately needs your help to do so. While they most gladly appreciate monetary donations, they also offer a fantastic volunteer mentoring program that allows you to change a child’s life personally. Some people say, “Who me? I’m not qualified.” What you don’t realize is that you are LIFE-qualified and need nothing but a caring heart and the desire to embrace differences, to listen, and to share your time and experience—all while having a lot of fun doing it.
You’re probably reading this on your phone, notebook, or computer. If you’ve been looking for a rewarding way to help children in your community, you can apply, interview, and train online starting today. And don’t be surprised if the experience is as life-enhancing for you as it is for the child you mentor.
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