Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah wants your child’s best life and all others living in Utah. Our mission is to mentor young minds and help kids have a more promising future. We are always ready to accept donations from people within the state and beyond.

If you are thinking about how to volunteer in Utah, don’t hesitate to send us your donations, especially when dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. We welcome monetary donations and used clothing too. The following are significant reasons why we need you to donate to us.

To Help Kids

As you already know, changing the lives of different kids is our top priority here at BBBSU. Bearing in mind that we have more than 1200 children, it might be a bit challenging to cater to the needs of all of them by ourselves. That is why we require your help to do so. With your donations, we can ensure that they get what they need to become the best versions of themselves, which means providing essentials like food and clothing. Plus, we create a safe space where they can share their problems and focus on their education.

To Curb Poverty

Did you know that about a third of all the kids in Utah are living in poverty? Thus, sometimes, they have to go to bed hungry. These children don’t have enough clothing, and their housing conditions are devastating. When your idea of how to volunteer in Utah is sending us donations in the form of money or clothes, you can help us change this situation. Remember that these children are our future. If we give them a better life today, the future offers so much hope, not just for them but for all of us.

Are you wondering how to volunteer in Utah? Donate to BBBSU and enable us to transform the lives of our youth. It is also the perfect way to reduce poverty that has affected our society for too long.