Why People Make Donations in Utah

The reasons why people give to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah organization are varied, and many are known only to the giver. Some donations in Utah, however, have a foundation rooted in one or several core values.

Here are those values:

The Need

Many people make donations in Utah to Big Brothers Big Sisters because the need is very real and, in many cases, very obvious. Utah does not have the social challenges of other, more populated states, but it does have an underprivileged sector that benefits immensely from Big Brothers Big Sisters mentorships.

Making a Difference

More than many charities, the direct contact between mentors and youth that occurs at Big Brothers Big Sisters directly impacts the lives of all involved. A single donation allows for the entire operation to run effectively, which means more kids get matched with more program mentors.


The vast majority of children who go through Big Brothers Big Sisters emerge better off for it. They are more grounded and have a person they can rely on for guidance and friendship, even if that is lacking at home. Donations in Utah to Big Brothers Big Sisters help build responsible and active community members.

Sense of Purpose for All Involved

Many youths make risky decisions because their lives seemingly lack purpose, which a mentor can help them develop. There are multiple mental and even physical health benefits for the mentors to giving, financially or in personal time.

Tax Benefits

For most, this is a minor part of a person’s motivation. It is, however, a real benefit on top of any other motivations.

People give to Big Brothers Big Sisters in Utah for a variety of reasons. It also has multiple benefits to everyone involved, including the mentor who gives time to help at-risk youth. If you are interested in donating, visit us at BBBSU today!