Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah has been dedicated to helping kids, or “Littles,” achieve their potential through one-on-one mentoring for more than forty years. Littles are children who often face challenges, opportunity gaps, or simply need a role model and friend in their lives. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah’s mission is to match Littles with volunteer mentors called “Bigs” to help these children reach their full potential. 

Becoming a Big 

Becoming a Big is a wonderful opportunity, and also a commitment. Bigs must be over 18 and commit to the mentoring relationship for at least 12 months. Bigs are also required to complete online safety training and complete reference and background checks. In most cases, one Big is matched to one Little in a one-to-one mentoring model. However if this is not for you, there is another option! 

Mentor Together

Volunteers can also mentor a Little Brother alongside their partner or spouse. As a Big Couple, you can double your impact and expand the resources available to your Little. 

A Big Couple is a pair of Bigs who are in a long-term relationship and want to be matched together to the same Little Brother. Big Couples do not have to be married, but must be in a long-term, committed relationship for at least two years. 

This is a great option for couples that would prefer a shared experience as opposed to each of them having their own Little. Because Bigs can meet separately to be a Big Couple, each person must meet the volunteer requirements individually. 

Broc and Amber Milton are an example of a Big Couple. They have mentored their Little Lucas for the last ten years. When talking about being mentored, Lucas said, “The best part of being a Little is how they can become role models like Broc and Amber. They have impacted my life to the max.”

Becoming a Big is an equally rewarding experience for volunteers. Amber stated, “If you have the opportunity to become a positive influence on someone’s life, go for it; because you’ll get just as much in return as you give.” 

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The Impact of Mentoring a Young Person 

With the help of a reliable and consistent mentor, youth have exhibited positive outcomes in their behavior and mental state. According to, youth who meet regularly with their mentor are 46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs and 27% less likely to start drinking. Additionally, data shows mentoring results in a reduction in depressive symptoms in youth. states, “Mentoring provides critical guidance to a young person on his or her path to success. But if one in three young people are reaching adulthood without a mentor, that means too many of these impactful relationships are being left to chance.” 

With the help of volunteers, Utah’s youth are given the opportunity to be led by one or two mentors to navigate through life’s challenges. 

Together, Big Couples work with their Little toward personal goals set by Littles. Additionally, Big Couples create impactful memories by spending quality time with their Little. 

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we believe that potential lives within every child; we offer volunteer opportunities in Utah for those wanting to help children reach that potential. Join us today by visiting