In honor of Black History Month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah recognizes that mentoring is a crucial tool for creating a more equitable future. This month is a great time to seek out opportunities, experiences, and chances to educate yourself about Black Americans’ contributions and achievements in our country and communities. 

Whatever your Little’s interests are, there are many ways to get involved and celebrate  Black History Month this February.

Here are some ways Bigs and Littles can celebrate Black History Month together: 

1. Attend Black History Month Events in the Salt Lake City Area

Find events with children-friendly activities in the Salt Lake City area that highlight Black History Month.

You and your match can watch the Beloved Community Project film at SLCC Redwood Campus. The film focuses on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s articulations of harmonious communities. The panel will discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision for a beloved community that is possible through nonviolent social change. The event takes place February 13-15 between 2-4 p.m. You will also interact with other people at the reception in the Technology Building Auditorium of the Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus after the event.

2. Read Books About Black Culture

If your Little loves reading, find a book to learn more about Black History month together. Check out a list of young adult titles for graphic novels, realistic tales, and anthologies in honor of the Black pioneer’s accomplishments. You will find many children’s books to enjoy your storytime together and teach them about Black History month.

3. Take a Tour

Black History Month is when you find many historical collections and exhibitions highlighting Black History in America. If you cannot take your Little to the museum, find out if the Utah Black History Museum comes to your community this month. You can also check out Orem Library’s “Who Made It?” kids activities available throughout the month.

4. Watch a Movie

Together, experience Black History through movies that feature Black actors or Black History topics such as segregation and civil rights. This idea is for matches that love spending time indoors. However, ensure that the movies you watch with your Little are appropriate for their age. Luckily, you will find many children-friendly films to celebrate the Black community’s historical influences.

5. Visit Black-owned Businesses in Salt Lake City

Support Utah’s Black community by visiting local Black-owned businesses with your Little. You can learn more about local business by attending the All-Star Bazaar, which will take place on the weekend of Feb. 17-19. The event is a showcase of Black-owned firms in Salt Lake City.

6. Explore Various Arts and Craft Ideas With your Little

There are many Black History craft ideas to teach your Littles about African-American contributions to society. If your Little loves to paint, you can try various craft project ideas such as the Martin Luther King Art or the MLK activity.

Volunteer in Utah 

The six ideas above are just a sample of what you can do as a mentoring Match to celebrate Black History Month. Most Black History Month events are available throughout February and beyond in Salt Lake City. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in Utah with BBBSU, visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and donate a few hours of your time mentoring a Little.