Kids today face a myriad of challenges, many of which are unique to our time. At BBBSU, we know that each kid has the potential to face and overcome personal challenges. But it’s up to us to defend that potential by giving them the support that they need. Our volunteer opportunities in Utah can give youth another person in their corner helping them back up and cheering them on through things like:

volunteer opportunities in Utah


We all face stress. But without the right resources to cope, things like grades, expectations and busy schedules can become completely overwhelming for kids. A big part of our volunteer opportunities in Utah is giving kids a chance to destress from everyday pressures.


This can even be a problem for confident adults sometimes, but it’s a much bigger challenge for young people that are still developing the experience and perspective it takes to maintain a healthy self-image. This is especially true if they feel rejected by those who would typically support them, such as parents or friends. 

Mental Illness

Anxiety and depression are prevalent among adults and youth alike today. Some studies show that mental illness can be linked to social media, which plays a big role in the everyday lives of kids today. Unfortunately, in extreme cases, this can contribute to the rising issue of self-harm.


Teens and kids alike face torment from their peers on a daily basis, both on school premises as well as online. Those who participate in our volunteer opportunities in Utah can help local youth recognize their own potential in the face of these struggles. 


Between social media, advertisements, video streaming and online searches, we can easily be firehosed with messages and ideas. This has an effect on our youth and not always for the best. They are becoming increasingly desensitized to risky behavior and its negative consequences.


A lot of youth today feel vulnerable. They may not have a good relationship with their parents or they may have a challenging circle of friends. A lot of growth and even decision-making happens during this time of life, which is why a positive mentor can have such an important impact.

Our mission is urgent. That’s why at BBBS we work hard to make our volunteer opportunities in Utah safe and positive for all involved. Visit our website and start today to defend the potential of our local youth.