At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we know how busy life is. This is why we’ve made both our options for making donations in Utah and our volunteer programs as accessible as possible. There are a variety of different ways to donate the cause. There are also just about as many different ways to positively impact your Little if you volunteer to become a Big. One of these ways is through our community-based program

What is the Community-Based Program?

This program is what allows Bigs to influence their Little without having to give up any of their favorite hobbies or past times. Rather, Bigs are encouraged to bring their Littles along for the adventure. You can spend four hours a month doing nothing but going to movies, skiing, biking, or even just eating at your favorite restaurant.

What does the Community-Based Program Do For My Little?

The benefits of the community-based program are very similar to other Big Brother Big Sister programs. Children show an increased sense of self-confidence and are less likely to participate in harmful behaviors. The added benefit of the community-based program is that it provides great opportunities. These opportunities include learning new skills, discovering new places, and relieving stress, all of which play a big role in empowering potential in a child.

The possibilities are endless when you and your Little spend the afternoon out on the town. You may even find that your enjoyment in your usual hobbies deepens by including them. So if you are looking for meaningful ways to volunteer your time or to give donations in Utah, start here. Invest in a child’s future and, in turn, the future of our communities.