At Big Brothers Big Sisters we focus a lot on the positive influence that our Bigs have on our Littles. But did you know that the reverse is also true? The nature of mentoring brings it’s own benefits to those who choose to take advantage of our local volunteer opportunities in Utah.

volunteer opportunities in Utah

Improved Skills

One of the best ways to improve a skill is to teach it. The BBBS volunteer opportunities in Utah and across the United States are very flexible. They allow you to take hobbies and events that you already enjoy and to enjoy them with a child that shares your interests. Not only does this help you improve in whatever hobby you enjoy, but it also improves your interpersonal and leadership skills.

Personal Fulfillment

Our volunteer opportunities in Utah also bring a healthy sense of personal fulfillment. You will play an important role in helping a child reach their potential, and we guarantee that the smiles of our Littles are contagious. We can’t lift someone else to a higher level without also lifting ourselves.

New Perspective

Mentoring can help you gain a new perspective on life. It gives you the chance to step back and see things through the eyes of someone else. Many of our Littles are strong simply because they have to be. A lot of them have incarcerated parents or help single parents with family responsibilities. You get a glimpse into their world which, more often than not, has a way of shining a new light on your own.

Lessons and Reminders

One of the ironic things about mentoring is that many times mentors claim to learn just as much as they tried to teach. The perspectives and lessons that you share with your Little might be a good reminder to yourself. Littles themselves also make great teachers and you’re likely to learn a think or two from them in return.

There are many available volunteer opportunities in Utah. We have many children and youth waiting for their Big Brother or Big Sister. You might be just the person they need! Visit our website or contact us today to get started.