As part of National Mentoring Month, we want to highlight our Big Brothers and Big Sisters here in Utah. Our beautiful state is famous for having friendly communities, but that doesn’t mean that our local children and youth don’t face risk factors. We know that just from the number of Littles that we have waiting to be matched with a Big. The need is big and it is real.

So how can you support these matches and the mentors that are already giving their time?

donations in Utah

Donations in Utah

One of the biggest ways that our mentoring matches are supported is through your generous donations in Utah. These donations, whether they be clothing drives or online payments, allow us to create matches. We want to ensure that every match is a safe and positive experience for everyone involved. Donations in Utah help us have the resources to make this possible.

Cultivate a Culture

We live in a very busy time. It seems we are constantly rushing to the next item on our to-do list or scrolling to get caught up on our social feeds. Donations in Utah have taken us a long way, but you can also support our mentors and our local youth by cultivating a culture of mentoring. Recommend us to friends that you think would be a good match. Stay up-to-date on the current challenges faced by children and youth. Most importantly, take time to be present in the lives of the children already within your circle of influence.

At BBBS we know that ours isn’t a mission that can be done alone. Just like our matches, we’re stronger together. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more.