We’re still very much in rainy weather territory, which means that you’re going to have to plan some indoor activities with your Little. Our Bigs and Littles form the strongest bonds when they go out and participate in engaging activities together, and the weather shouldn’t have to put a damper on those crucial bonding moments. After all, these relationships are what help ignite our Youth’s potential. Through the volunteer opportunities in Utah that BBBSU offers, there are various activities that Bigs and Littles can enjoy together. So, when the rain starts pouring down and you’re left with no choice but to stay indoors, here are 3 activities for a rainy day:

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Plan a Movie Day

This is the most basic and often used rainy day activity. Plan a movie day with your Little and watch some of your favorite movies with them. Make sure that you queue up both some of your favorite movies and your Little’s favorite movies so that you talk about and share why you like a specific film so much. Sharing your interests with your Little can help you bond over new and mutual interests.

Plan a Gameday

Another great rainy day activity for you and your Little to participate in is a game day. This can include anything from video games to board games. So long as you and your Little are bonding and having fun, this is a perfect way to spend quality time together indoors.

Do Some Crafting

If you or your Little are on the artistic side, you could also opt to plan a craft day. Art is a great way to spend quality time with your Little and can be an even better way for them to express themselves. Defending our youth’s potential is more efficient when they can open up, and art succeeds in this.

You don’t have to let the weather impede the bonding experience with your Little. Use these rainy day activities to continue empowering your Little through the volunteer opportunities in Utah so that they can keep striving toward their potential.