Do you know that your old clothing can be suitable for donations in Utah through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah? This is just one reason that proves the importance of recycling clothes. Here is a few other reasons recycling your old clothing is essential: 

Profits the Environment

The textile industry is considered one industry that uses a lot of water. The textile industry accounts for up to 20% of industrial water pollution. This usually comes from the dyeing and treatment of fabric.

For instance, a t-shirt takes up to 700 gallons of water to be produced. Therefore, recycling at least 1000 pounds of clothing can save up to 233,000 gallons of water. 

An Alternative for Throwing Clothing Away 

Planet Aid estimates that Americans throw up to 85% of clothes that they don’t wear. You can recycle and repurpose all dresses in your closet. This can also help reduce potent gasses like methane and carbon dioxide produced by clothes in landfills.

Helping Others 

Turn your old clothing into dollars that support youth mentoring. As much as you’re thinking about throwing them away, your used clothing can be used for a greater purpose. 

Donate Through BBBSU

If you wish to make clothing donations in Utah as part of your recycling efforts, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah take clothing donations. Visit to find a donation center near you.