Summer is an excellent time for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah matches to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and spend time together. BBBSU has many volunteer opportunities in Utah for those who want to help better the life of a young person in our community. Here are three little to no-cost summer activities that matches can enjoy together: 


Hiking is one of the most popular free summer activities Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah matches enjoy. Utah has many scenic hiking trails that are perfect for a day trip. Matches can enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and beautiful views while bonding over this fun shared experience. With its stunning mountain ranges, canyons, and rivers, Utah offers an abundance of trails perfect for hiking with Littles. From easy hikes to more challenging ones, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Make this summer with your mentee even more memorable. For a list of kid-friendly Utah hiking trails, click here

Visiting Museums

Visiting museums in Utah can be a great summer activity for matches of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Utah has many museums that offer free admission, discount days,  or discounted rates for children or non-profit volunteers. Museums are filled with educational activities that allow matches to learn more about the area’s history, culture, and art. Museums also often have special programs or events that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah matches can enjoy together.
Visiting a museum can also be a great bonding experience for mentors and mentees. Spending time together and learning about the museum’s various exhibits creates a unique opportunity for matches to get to know each other better and to have conversations about the topics they are exploring.

Enjoy a Picnic in the Park

Enjoying a picnic in the park is another fun activity that matches enjoy! Picnics are another great way for Bigs and Littles to enjoy the outdoors, get fresh air, and have fun. Matches can enjoy the outdoors while sharing a meal and conversation. Plus, matches could bring other activities like sports equipment, yard games, etc. Matches could set up the picnic area, prepare food together or share duties. This is one of many ways to enjoy quality time together while learning more about each other and creating stronger friendships.

Spending time together benefits matches because it fosters a strong and positive relationship. BBBSU has plenty of volunteer opportunities in Utah for volunteer mentors to create lasting memories. When mentors and mentees can spend time together, they can get to know each other better and understand each other on a deeper level. Mentors can provide mentees with advice and guidance, while mentees can seek support and validation from their mentor. Spending time together can help strengthen the bond between mentor and mentee and provides the opportunity to discuss important topics in a safe and supportive environment.

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