Meet Big Daniela and Little Dayane

Meet Big Daniela and Little Dayane, whose bond has grown over nearly eight years of being matched. 

Daniela heard about BBBSU when her younger brother joined the program as a Little. When she saw what a positive impact the program had on her brother, she decided she wanted to become a Big for a child in the community and give that experience to someone else. “I first got involved with BBBSU because my brother enjoyed it. I’m so glad I did because I really like it,” Daniela shared. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah offer volunteer opportunities in Utah with three different programs: Elementary School-based Mentoring, High School-based Mentoring (Mentor2.0), or Community-Based Mentoring

Daniela and Dayane’s were originally matched in a school site-based program, but as their relationship grew they transitioned into a Community-Based match. “I think I like the Community-Based program more because I am able to spend more time with Dayane, and we get to do more things,” Daniela explained. 

From the moment they were matched, this Big and Little hit it off. Daniela, who was 14 at the time, met Dayane when she was just 6. Through their time together, they have discovered shared interests and collected priceless memories. Shopping trips, visits to the park, and games of UNO have become their special traditions. “My favorite part of being a Big is hanging out with Dayane. She always has a new story to tell me. She tells me I’m sweet and that she loves going out with me,” Daniela says. 

Throughout their journey, Daniela has seen the impact of the program through Dayane’s growth. “Since we’ve been matched, I have noticed that she is more social, trusts me more, and tells me everything that goes on with her,” Daniela reflected. Dayane’s outgoing nature, kindness, humor, and compassion shine through, leaving a lasting impact on Daniela’s life. 

Daniela is filled with gratitude for her experience being a mentor all these years. She said, “Being a Big really changed my whole perspective and taught me things about myself I didn’t know. I like that I can give back to the community.” 

This year, BBBSU celebrated Daniela’s commitment to being a great Big, recognizing her with the Community-Based Big Sister of the Year award. Daniela’s commitment, love, and support have made a lasting impact on Dayane’s life, which is why Dayane and her family nominated Daniela for the award.   

If you or someone you know is considering becoming a Big, take it from Daniela, who said, “I would totally recommend becoming a Big because it is very rewarding.” 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is currently accepting applications for Bigs for a community-based program. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities in Utah, apply today by visiting Or, you can refer someone you think will make a wonderful Big by visiting