Match Story: Big Kaitlin & Little Daisy

Big Sister, Kaitlin has been matched with Little Sister, Daisy for nearly six years. In this time, they have done a lot together! Walking the dog, swimming, riding bikes, playing games and rock climbing are just a few of the activities on Daisy’s list of favorites.

Recently, Daisy has been teaching Kaitlin to play video games, though, according to Daisy, “It might be a while before Kaitlin is any good at it.” Kaitlin says that one thing she has learned from Daisy is that “you don’t have to be biological sisters to be sisters.

There are so many other sister matches through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah programs that are just as close. By matching Bigs and Littles through similar interests, backgrounds, abilities, etc. our matches almost always end up as life long friends!